Date: 18-01-2019


In 2018, the Tuscany Region has approved PROGEO project to a consortium of companies, including STEAM. PROGEO (Italian acronym for "Predictive design and optimized management of geothermal energy systems") is a two-years research project, with the aim to develop a cloud-based application for geothermal networks and plant design, monitoring and optimization. The companies involved in this study are, in addition to STEAM, TEA Sistemi, which will develop a specialized version of his leading edge transient multiphase code MAST for water-vapor process, and GIS3W, which will instead realize the IT infrastructure and the GIS integration for the calculation engine. In this project STEAM, thanks to its long experience in the geothermal industry, will assist in the validation of the models regarding the simulation of the specific equipment available in geothermal plants. More information can be found on the project website (www.progeosoft.com).