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Our History

STEAM was established in 1987 as an engineering company for the purpose of operating in the Energy and Environmental sectors with reference to Geothermal Energy development. Its principal partners were coming from Enel and having many years of experience in geothermal field with particular reference to drilling, reservoir engineering and geological geophysical survey studies.
STEAM initially focused its business in providing consulting, operational and training services in the development assessment and evaluation of worldwide geothermal resources to the most important geothermal firms (ENEL Green Power, DAL, Geotermica Italiana).
Following to the addition of new partners with a great experience in consulting services and the tight collaboration with worldwide environmental consulting company (ERM Group), STEAM consolidated its competences in environmental services, collaborated to Institutional Strengthening Programs with International Organizations (World Bank, EBRD, Italian Ministry of Environment) and was involved in audits and restoration projects, also on UNEP environmental hot spots.

In the meantime, the Geothermal Division of STEAM carried out a reconnaissance study of the Italian Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Resources and cooperated with private financial investors to apply for Geothermal Research Permits in Italy.


The Company is now organized with a solid and competent permanent team and a wide, open and flexible group of very experienced geologists and engineers, who have successfully accomplished projects on almost every continent. Having provided services in the geothermal energy field to the most important international organizations (World Bank, EBRD, MISE), geothermal investors (Enel, KenGen), consulting firms (DAL, GI), services suppliers (Saipem) and technology provider (Toshiba, Ormat, Exergy) and following to the addition of new partners (including SINTECNICA) with outstanding experience in this field, STEAM decided to maintain its environmental business and to expand its focus to the international geothermal market. With this aim STEAM is nowadays carrying out an evaluation of the possible areas of intervention, starting from the geographical areas and Countries where the members of its team have experience, having worked in the past, as Latin America, North America, China, East Africa, Indonesia, Middle East...



role: General Manager
years of experience: +35

Riccardo Corsi s a chemical engineer with more than 35 years of professional experience in the sector of geothermal Energy, environmental assessment, management and planning. His professional activity, carried out throughout the world, has been mainly devoted to geothermal fluid production engineering (corrosion, scaling, gaseous and liquid pollutants), geothermal engineering feasibility studies, geothermal power plant engineering and environmental impact assessment. He was head of the mechanical and civil projects of the new Italian geothermal power plants in Enel till 1987 and expert by EEC (XII division) from 1981 to 1993 (scaling, corrosion engineering). He has been advisor of Elc Electroconsult, Dal and Enel in preparing Feasibility Study for Miravalles Geothermal Power plants (Costarica), S. Jacinto (Nicaragua), Berlin (El Salvador), Latera Project (Italy), Momotombo expansion.

role: ​Engineering Director
years of experience: +35

Roberto Parri is a mechanical engineer. He joined ENEL in 1981 and been initially focusing on drilling technologies and on pipelines' design. He then managed the installation and commissioning of five geothermal power units of 20 MW and of one of 60 MW; has been responsible for the operations activity of Technical Services (composed by a team of about 300 mechanical and electromechanical technicians), managing maintenance activities on separation plants, wellheads, fluids transport pipes, power plants. Afterwards, he has been responsible for production and maintenance of the geothermal plants in the areas of Larderello and Lago (27 power units with a total capacity of 600MW). During his last 10 years in ENEL, he covered the role of Head of the Operation Unit, managing the operations of all the Italian geothermal plants (more than 800 MW). He also published many papers on construction and maintenance, and on thermal uses of geothermal energy. He is cooperating with STEAM since 2014.

role: Geology Expert
years of experience: +35

Giorgio Buonasorte is a Geologist with more than 35 years experience in geological prospecting, Geothermal Resources Evaluation, permitting production, management and planning of construction activities of geothermal fields. He spent most of his professional Career in Enel Geothermal Division where he was responsible of several research projects in the main geothermal areas of Italy and afterwards, in management and planning of construction activities of wells, steam production facilities, pumping and transport of geothermal fluid in the traditional Larderello and Monte Amiata geothermal fields. He was also involved in Enel projects in Hawaii, Iran, Costa Rica and Greece. Presently is head of Geothermal Division of STEAM and coordinated the preparation of 20 Geothermal Research Permit applications.

role: Geophysical Expert
years of experience: +35

Adolfo Fiordelisi is a geologist with more than 30 years experience in geological and geophysical surveys. He spent most of his professional career in Enel Geothermal Division, where he coordinated the geophysical survey activity of the Division. He was also involved in Enel projects in Hawaii and Greece. Presently, he is carrying out the development of the geophysical survey programs for STEAM.

role: ​International Business Development Manager
years of experience: +35

Renato Papale is an electronical engineer. He has been working (mainly in geothermal energy) for ENEL since 1981, covering every aspect of the geo process (from well measurements while drilling, to local and remote control systems, to power plant design) and of the renewable energy market perspectives, playing technical and managing roles. He worked on new geothermal technologies development, and has been responsible for the electrical and automation engineering. He published papers on geothermal well-logging technologies and power plant automation and control. During the last years, he managed the project engineering process for two geothermal large ORC projects in North- and Sud-America. He is cooperating with STEAM since 2014.